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Scar Is A Jerk
Scar is a dignified, somewhat sarcastic character who suffers long and hard at the hands of the idiots he finds surrounding him. At least, that's the way he sees them. Scar can be very charming if he feels like it, and he has no problem with being a backstabbing liar to get what he wants. He's not a good guy, let's just get that out of the way. He only cares about himself. His ability to empathize with others is stunted, and while he can pretend to have their interests in mind it's all a false front. Really he's impatient, resentful, and has no respect for anybody.

Because of this key failure in understanding people, Scar also tends to assume that others are trying to manipulate him in the same way or are just stupid. Due to his massive narcissism, it's easy for Scar to imagine that most people are over-trusting idiots. He is, after all, totally smarter than everyone else. He usually has the sense to keep his irritation to himself, but it's difficult at times.

Scar's main point of pride is that he sees himself as a brilliant, even visionary leader. He deserves to be adored by all for his wonderful natural talent, and anyone who fails to do so should be crushed. Unfortunately for him, while he can hold down a hierarchy on fear he is terrible at managing resources and anything in his care long term will likely crumble. Scar's desire for adoration is an attempt to bring the world into line with his own view of himself, which is a very backwards way to go about things. But, as in all things, Scar believes the world should tremble before him and that he can move mountains with only the force of his superior intellect. Wounding this pride is a quick way to make him lose his temper, and this can be disastrous to his subtler plans.

You can't trust this cat unless you're being incredibly careful, and even then it's ill-advised. He can keep false friendships (even ones he despises) for quite some time on the chance they'll be an advantage later. It might be months or years of harmless lying in wait before he actually "collects" on his investment by screwing somebody over or using them as a pawn in some elaborate gambit. Sometimes his interests might line up with yours for a time, and his dangerous qualities make him a useful ally, but one's never truly "safe" putting their faith in his continued loyalty or good nature.

He doesn't have any.
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